Productive posters by Project projects

Productive Posters was part of the Kounkuey Design Initiative’s exhibition at the Van Alen Institute in April. The installation traveled to Eastern Michigan University’s gallery as part of the exhibition the “The Posters of Discontent.”

Design notes from the poster installation:

Originally conceived in collaboration with the Kounkuey Design Initiative, a not-for-profit design group, this system of informational posters is intended to grow through public participation in a range of communities and contexts.

Each panel of the poster system is produced using a template designed for inexpensive printing on standard office paper. Individual poster modules include case studies, quotations, background information, and supplementary research on participatory planning.

Public participation is the posters’ subject matter, as well the essential means of fully realizing the design system. We invite you to take an active role in this discussion by sharing your ideas for alternative community action and the usage of public space. Please write or draw your thoughts on the provided blank forms, and add your panel to the dialogue.

( source: project projects)