Schrank8 – Hansje van Halem

Schrank8 is a 1930’s showcase cabinet originally from Germany. It’s now part of the living room & studio of Hansje van Halem in Amsterdam. Every two months an artist is invited to fill the cabinet. In the picture above the cabinet was showcasing work from Job Wouters ( The cabinet itself is all ready a beautiful object, but filled with changing exhibitions it just adds a whole new dimension. All the previous cabinets at read more!

Michiel Schuurman:
June 11th – July 4th 2010

Johann Kauth:
January 20th – February 27th 2011

Miek Zwamborn:
September 17th – October 17th, 2010

Pinar & Viola:
March 25th – May 8th, 2011

Bart de Baets: 29 Jan. – 14 Feb. 2010