The future of architecture

After many months, and a big collaborative effort, we are very proud to announce the release of our first book! And with it, our very own publishing imprint!

“The future of architecture” is an attempt to supply an insight into the question, “What is the future of architecture?”.
Every architectural attempt starts by making a representation of an imaginative situation or design, which will happen, or could happen in the future. In many cases an architectural design remains a future plan, and in times of economical and political crisis, the question of what comes next, gains relevance. So, while architects shape the future, this book is concerning about the future of architecture.

Over the past few months we have asked this question trough an open call on our project website These answers, together with a selection of invited architectural offices, artists and theorists, such as Marjetica Potrc, 2012 architecten, Aristide Antonas, Rotor, Observatorium, Whale Architects, Intrastructures and many more, form a fragmented map of thoughts. Putting together the pieces of this map, and trough critical reading, we might find some answers into dealing with architecture tomorrow.

If you would like to get a copy before they run out, you can order them by simply clicking the PayPal button below (it also goes with visa card for those without a PayPal account).