The Narrative Machine at Büro BDP

Broken Dimanche Press have teamed up with artist Lorenzo Sandoval to reconfigure their Büro BDP with the Spaniard’s super cool ‘Narrative Machine’, an artwork that acts as raumgestaltung, bookshelves, storage and modular table and chairs. It’s a series he has already used in General Pubic in the exhibition The Rescue of The Effects and this summer in The Cervantes Institute and BDP are now representing Sandoval and his artwork as design, a cheap, functional way of renovating or exhibiting. He worked with who did the really great design in the bookshops at dOCUMENTA, they helped in the joints, and the sanding and planing and some of the finer architectural points. The work is open to the public as a really nice bookshop and will have a vernissage this Friday, August 31 7-10pm with an exhibition Ivy Over Ivy by Sandoval. It will also see BDP launch their new blog









If you’re interested in the ‘Narrative Machine’, prices or configurations, get in touch with John Holten of BDP at