Temple of Holy Shit

The Temple of Holy Shit is a public waste installation, a kind of shit recycling plant which was installed during the Parckdesign 2014 festival in Brussels. For a period of 6 months the temple found its home in the center of the park, serving as public toilet for its visitors. The waste is processed, stored, fermented and composted into Terra Preta, a highly fertile type of soil perfect for any vegetable garden.  By drawing parallels with religion, Collective Disaster  (the priests of the temple) emphasize the importance of bodily waste, elevating its status to a holy substance. This live giving material we consider waste was expressively celebrated, not only by the installation itself but also through the numerous events and rituals which took place throughout the summer.

The main goal of the installation is to educate, spark interest and raise new questions on how to deal with waste. Balancing on the lines between Art, architecture, design, chemistry, psychology,  ecology, sociology and many more, the installation has triggered interest in many of its users and will  hopefully resurrect again in the future. For now, all that is left, is fresh humus and these images.



Andrea Sollazzo
Louisa Vermoere
Valentina Karga
Pieterjan Grandry


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