Think in Colour

Brussels based studio Visionandfactory have released a very exciting new book compiling their work of the last 24 years. Graphic designer Hugo Puttaert (proud to call him my previous professor) and founder of the studio takes us on a visual trip that urges us to ‘Think in Colour’.  In 386 pages the Brussels-based award-winning professor, editor and creative director shows us his impressive studio work, introduced by design writer Rick Poynor and by Steven Cleeren (Design Vlaanderen, Kwintessens). The book itself  has a beautiful gradient cover, obscured by a layer of heat sensitive ink and was presented in an installation designed by colleague graphic designers/teachers Jan Wouter Hespeel and Randoald Sabbe (better known as Jan and Randoald).

A beautiful book, inside and out, presented in a most interesting way.