Cuckoo Clock and Cherry Cake

Submitted by: Anne-Sophie Stolz

The photographs show an excerpt of the book »Cuckoo Clock and Cherry Cake«. The work is about a german holiday area, the Black Forest. A region which stands symbolically for the perfect idyll, for nativeness – a mystical place. In short, here the world seems to be still in order. Clichés and the attempt to be a postcard. A region in which customs and traditions are firmly anchored. The phenomenon of preservation, of holding old values are important points of life there. This is reflected especially in countless clubs and museums.
In reality we are attracted to foreign cultures. By contrast, in the first moment, a region like the Black Forest does not shine with adventure and exoticism, but rather is put into the drawer of mediocrity.
The aim was to shape a story about a region whose mysticism is apparently faded because recently everything has been chosen as tourist area and even this image is crumbling.
I combined staged portraits, with sceneries I found on my way. My home region, in which I see myself as a tourist. A photographic exploration in which my own ambivalence is shown.