CAMERA OBSCURA – Lisboa, Menina e Moça

“Lisbon is a person…
It is a girl and young woman with a flair for protagonism!
She is the protagonist of some movie, some music, some book, sometimes sad, sometimes joyful…
If Lisbon has 7 hills, CAMERA OBSCURA has 22 invitations, 22 rooms, 22 people, 22 walls and ways of showing them.
For is there a better canvas for Lisbon than its own walls?”
CAMERA OBSCURA is the prodigal daughter of Lisa Moura.
Through an optical technique that consists on the closing of rooms from all sources of light and the consequent projection of the street over the walls, the photographs taken on the 22 experiments, result of 22 invitations, made in Lisbon are now on exhibition and also available in a new publication with the same name.

CAMERA OBSCURA – Lisboa, Menina e Moça ▪ BERLIN
04 ▸ 30 NOV
Kapelle Café & Bar