Taking as reference the first erotic publications of the 70s, Odiseo intends to reinterpret the concept of ‘publication for adult entertainment’ by combining in a simple, direct and spontaneous way, sexuality, sensuality and cleverness. Each volume of Odiseo will contain several photographic editorials – as well as a variety of essays exploring issues related with philosophy, science, culture and contemporary critical thought.


Thanks to its cunning, Odiseo manages to overcome all the obstacles gods put in its way. In order to avoid being conquered by the mermaids’ cries, Odiseo hangs fiercely to its boat’s mast. The Odyssey (Ὀδύσσεια, Odýsseia) is a greek epic poem divided into 24 books, written by the greek poet Homero. It is believed to have been composed in the 8th Century B.C., in the territories Greece had near Asia Minor’s west coast (today Asiatic Turkey). According to other authors, Odyssey was completed in the 7th Century B.C based on poems that only described parts of the original work. It was originally written in a dialect that was later named as “Homeric Greek” and tells the story of the greek heroe, Odiseo (Ulises in latin), returning home after the Trojan War. It took Odiseo ten years to get back to his kingdom, the island of Ithaca, period during which his son Telémaco and his wife Penelope have to put up with the pretendents who intend to marry her (as they thought Odiseo dead) while wasting the family’s riches. Odiseo is an independent publication for adult entertainment appealing to the confident and intelligent man of today. A selection of stories with an erotic point of view, including the most cutting edge ideas in an exquisite uncoated smooth paper.