Vaast Colson, artist, and Johan Pas, art historian, searched into archives and brought an overview (bookshow) of around 150 artist’s books from as many artists, from 1960 to today. A book fair and a book talk will bring creators, publishers and collectors together, allowing conversations and meetings.
BOOKSHOWBOOKSHOP wishes to provide the present day wave of artist’s publications and small press with a memory and a discourse.

Artists Gerard Herman, Pol Matthé, Peter Morrens, Sophie Nys, Ria Pacquée, Guy Rombouts and Reinaart Vanhoe contributed to an anthology, using only a sophisticated photocopier. This edition, The Ricoh book, is a homage to the legendary Xerox Book (published by Seth Siegelaub in New York in 1968).

April 14 – June 10
Be-Part, Waregem

Via: Manystuff