Mich by Stal collective

Four young Belgian designers, Len de Paepe, Bob Segers, Tim Vranken and Jonas Blondeel join forces and form Stal collective. Operating from an old barn in some forgotten corner of the Belgian outback they create some quite unique pieces of furniture and speak many dialects. The “Mich” stool is a piece of flat pack furniture based on a traditional milking stool. It consists of 4 separate parts, that are laser cut out of birch plywood. Each part is treated with colorless oil, which fixates the burned laser-residue on the side of each part. Legs, seat and a finishing felt-sheet are “sewn” together. At the base of the stool the legs are slightly spread to create a more elegant form, also adding more stability. Mich is more than a single sitting object but can also be used, for example, around the dinner table.