PERDIZ 6 is out – a magazine about things that make people happy

A biker girl in sky-high heels and skin-tight leggings is smiling widely to the camera while an ex-architect tells us why he left the office behind to bring happiness to bees. The page turns, a woman confesses her sincere love for the Eiffel Tower and other inanimate objects. In another dimension, a future Martian is explaining how colonizing the red planet could help life here on Earth. Hidden behind a column, we catch a glimpse of illustrator Alexis Nolla drawing the interview of a man who’s dedicated 25 years of his life to chasing a child’s dream: finding the Loch Ness monster. And just when we’d thought the show was over, the Fred Astaires and Ginger Rodgerses of the canine world open the doors of their houses to photographer Bego Antón. Check out their page