The Word Magazine – The third rate edition

The Word Magazine is bi-annual print publication with international aspirations and a thick Belgian accent.  Their latest  ‘The third rate edition’ includes short editorials, personal stories, extended features and striking artist portfolios on, with and by the likes of:

  • Eminent Belgian painter LUC TUYMANS on turning points.
  • THE BEST PARTY TENT IN THE WORLD (and it’s Belgian!)
  • The unlikely tale of NOURS, THE 70,000 VHS TAPE OBSESSIVE.
  • Belgian visual artist ANNE-MIE VAN KERCKHOVEN on sketching.
  • The institutionalisation of BELGIUM’S AUTOMATIC BREAD MACHINES.
  • The neighbourhood crowing of MARCEL, YOUR ELECTRO REPAIR MAN.
  • The NOISE-PUNK-ROCK BANDS emerging from the country’s French-speaking quarters.
  • The upper crust of THE COUNTRY’S MOST PROMISING YOUNG ARTISTS captured in our brand new offices.
  • And also a modest feature on …. CRAP IS GOOD!

On the 15th of november The Word is throwing a release party wich will include live shows by Belgian band Moaning Cities and M.E.A.N as well as DJ sets by Mountain Bike and Onda Sonora. Here the Facebook event Also the people of Word magazine where so kind to offer us a free copy to give away to one of our readers! To win, just share this picture on Facebook!