Broken Dimanche Press is proud to announce the exhibition Wordpharmacy by Danish writer and artist Morten Søndergaard. To coincide with the publication bearing the same name, Wordpharmacy is a visual installation that celebrates this ambitious semantic and medicinal project. Playfully equating the structure of language with pharmaceutical products, the publication consists of ten medicine boxes, each representing one of the ten word-groups. Each box contains a leaflet that functions as an instructional poem, guiding the reader’s ingestion of the given word group. In order to fully realise its helpful nature, Broken Dimanche Press are happy to have Büro BDP transformed by Søndergaard into a literary pharmacy, including authentic apothecary fixtures and fittings.

By rewriting already existing instructions for the use of medicine, Wordpharmacy playfully intertwines the structure of language with the healing principles of various medicaments. Like pills, language is something to be consumed by the body, and in turn it does not only affect our conceptions of things, but it also comes to designate our very corporal movability in the world. The artist himself will be present during Wordpharmacy, ready to prescribe suitable words for bodily as well as psychological malfunction. –> buy one here !

Where and when:

Büro BDP

Emserstrasse 43, 12051 Berlin

U&S Bahn Hermannstrasse

Febuary 3 – 16

Vernissage Feb. 2 19 – 22h

Opening times 14-18h and by appointment