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Crap is good is a young blog which writes about an emerging and constantly growing niche within all fields of design. In today's over-designed visual culture a counter-flow is appearing. With the title "Crap is good" we name a common thought and sence of aesthetics. → Read it all


26 Jan, 2016

We recently did the graphic design and art direction for the online brand ‘yoshimi’. A beautiful T-shirt with a very straight forward design approach. Really love the subliminal message of their first shirt. As to what we’ve heard, there will me more! Keep an eye out for the yoshimi collection....

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EGYD — Experimental Poster Series

11 Dec, 2015

EGYD is a nine-piece experimental poster series by graphic 3D artist Georg Fasswald and graphic designer Lukas Haider. The different artworks are a mashup of unconstrained 3D Elements, playful typography and energetic color palettes.


Adhocracy Athens

27 Apr, 2015

Adhocracy Athens is the continuation of the research started for the 1st Istanbul Design Biennial in 2012, after traveling to New York (New Museum, 2013) and London (LimeWharf, 2013) the event now takes place in Athens. Adhocracy is a philosophy of action characterized by creative, flexible, purposeful attitude. Unlike bureaucracy and its fixed schemes,...

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Schermafbeelding 2015-04-21 om 15.58.19

On Tempelhofer Feld

23 Apr, 2015

Very soon, a wonderful book is coming out. A former airport in the center of Berlin, known as Tempelhofer Feld, is documented and used as starting point for a wider dialogue. Authors Wouter De Raeve and Benjamin Deboosere search, reflect and pose questions on the future role of spacial practice, architecture and...

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Into Stoas_Guide_09

Info Stoas

1 Apr, 2015

Into Stoas by Natassa Pappa is an attempt to map the exits of the stoas located in the commercial triangle; the chaotic Athenian district which is ideal for inquisitive strolls. Starting point were the exit signs on some of the remaining passage entrances, which maintain a surreal detail often overlooked,...

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Romka Magazine #9

31 Mar, 2015

The new Romka Magazine is here! Romka is a collective photo album in which people from all over the world share the stories behind their most valued photographs. The magazine explores the interplay of photography and personal memory by showcasing how both life-changing events as well as small anecdotes are...

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24 Nov, 2014

As a result of being out of words to explain her euphoric state of mind with colors whilst experiencing LSD for an experiment of US army, a beauteous housewife of 1950s utters:   “I wish I could speak in Technicolor!”   When Elephants Come Marching In in de Appel, Amsterdam...

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Abandoned Xmas Trees

21 Nov, 2014

Christmas is blinking – about to arrive homes… Every year after Christmas I feel such melancholy and loss because of seeing all those abandoned Christmas trees on the streets of Berlin. Different hues of green, still beautiful, left behind – tears leaking from every single leaf… Exaggerating? Maybe, a little…...

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Schermafbeelding 2014-11-13 om 10.21.49

Orchard Beach : The Bronx Riviera

13 Nov, 2014

Wayne Lawrence is a Brooklyn based documentary photographer who focuses on communities overlooked by mainstream media. In his series Orchard Beach : The Bronx Riviera he  documents Orchard, a beach in New York with a previously bad reputation.  The beach now has been cleaned up and has given the community a...

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Acid #3 – cover 1

Acid #3

6 Nov, 2014

The new issue of Barcelona based surf magazine Acid nr. 3 is out. Acid is a magazine that looks at the world with curiosity and humility, using surfing as an entry point. In Issue 3 they have put together an eclectic mix of stimulating topics, like the story of a Slovenian surfer,...

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Temple of Holy Shit

1 Nov, 2014

The Temple of Holy Shit is a public waste installation, a kind of shit recycling plant which was installed during the Parckdesign 2014 festival in Brussels. For a period of 6 months the temple found its home in the center of the park, serving as public toilet for its visitors....

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