• Hadrien du Roy

    Surfing on the fringes of the abstract and the figurative, Hadrien du Roy’s landscapes can be perceived as a mirror for escapism, urging the viewer to seek what is hidden behind the horizon. His sculptures are inspired by ancient tribal totems, representing the link between humans and the unknown or...
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  • Quest for Reality

    Quest for Reality is a cinematic RPG (role-playing game) about computer and Internet addiction, based on real stories and events. The goal of this exploration video-game is to find a way back to Reality from within the depths of virtual world where you are lost. The beginning of the game...
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  • Heavy Load

    Heavy Load is a speculative design project commissioned by the Dirty Furniture magazine as part of the exhibition Toilet Break together with the Shit Museum from Italy. In response to the Shit Museums collections of utilitarian everyday products made from cow dung, I proposed to design a problematic product to...
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  • The Duotone furniture series

    The Duotone furniture series by YIELD are a set of glass coffee tables. The glass is held in place by an elegant modular structure  based on a hardware system that pairs sturdy construction with visual lightness and a range of potential configurations. Very light and elegant.

  • Michiel Schuurman

    Michiel Schuurman is a Dutch graphic- and textile designer. Schuurman’s personal work specializes in typography and poster design which often boasts a rather maximalistic approach. His practice of combining bright colors, warped glyphs, harsh perspectives, and acidic patterns creates some awfully intriguing eye-candy, which he often screen prints himself. Since january 2012 Michiel is...
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  • Edge by Roee Magdassi

    Roee Magdassi is a jung product designer born in Jerusalem and based in Tel-Aviv. His Edge collection of bistro and coffee tables, can be used outdoor or indoor. The tables are equipped with a carrying handle which has both visual and functional values. The half ring shaped handle functions in two manners: making it easy to...
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  • Isosceles Lingerie

    Perhaps a bit odd for us to post a lingerie brand, but these pieces are just to nice not to share. Isosceles is the brand of designer Cicely Travers. The name (referring to a triangle with two sides of the same length) symbolises the geometric nature of the pieces. Material combined with...
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  • Folded by Johan van Hengel

    Folded is a shelving unit made from, yes you guessed it, folded metal. Designed by Dutch designer Johan van Hengel for Scandinavian design brand MUUTO. The simple, straight, folding lines make it very pleasing and elegant to look at. Perfect to store mail and hang keys, it would fit great in any hallway.

  • Kumo – 雲

    Kumo – 雲 chair (meaning “clouds” in Japanese) by Mitz Takahashi, a furniture designer/maker who grew up in Osaka, Japan, and is currently based in Montreal, Canada. Similar to the leather self suspended seating of the Muller van Severen collection Mitz uses comfortable stuffed heavy duty canvas seating and water-based clear coated...
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  • Philippe Jarrigeon

    A selection images by French photographer Philippe Jarrigeon taken from very different projects. All very different but clearly from the same hand. His settings are carefully directed and balanced. Have a look at his website for many many more great shots.

  • The Land Between Us

    The photography duo and couple Ning Kai/Sabrina Scarpa (China/Netherlands) delve into the unknown corners of the natural world, finding moments of revelation, equality and intimacy within thinly populated areas and untouched wilderness. They wish to surround themselves by places and people that bring out the core of humanity, brings us...
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  • Fault Line

    Fault Line is a project I (Sophie Barbasch) am doing in the small coastal town of Brooklin, Maine. The protagonist is my younger cousin Adam, who lives there. I also photograph my brother, father, and other cousins. I chose the title because a fault line alludes to where the earth...
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  • Exhumed Photographs

    Exhumed photographs is a project from the Paris based artist Thibaut Kinder. For over a year he buys SD cards in flea markets and third-hand electronics shops. Using a data recovery software on these cards he accesses a colossal raw material and then selects the photographs the most mysterious and...
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  • 212 – a new international biannual magazine from Istanbul.

    We are delighted to announce that the first issue of our new biannual magazine, 212, is now out in stores worldwide. 212 is based out of Istanbul and published and distributed internationally. It contains short fiction and long-form reportage; distinctive photo essays and revealing interviews. Even though it was born...
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  • PANORAMA – an anthology on Milan’s contemporary art

    PANORAMA is an anthology composed of a series of dialogues with creatives based in Milan: it describes some of the personalities who take an active part in its most recent cultural set, giving an holistic vision of the relational and working network they trace. This is a defined, but heterogeneous...
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  • WHITE FUNGUS #15 – Taipei Release Event

    Taiwan magazine White Fungus is about to hold the release event for its 15th issue at Korner in Taipei, July 30. The event will feature New York performance artist Whitney Vangrin and Tokyo experimental music pioneer KK Null. There will also be performances by Taiwanese artists Wang Fujui, Noise Steve,...
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  • Agapornis Magazine presents Vol.III

    Agapornis vol.3 is here. This is a very special issue, firstly because it celebrates the first anniversary of the magazine, and also because this edition counts on Russian Red’s collaboration. The singer speaks about her attachment to her female puppy, Chula -which sprung up as soon as they met- and...
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  • Masquespacio designs Tesa Córdoba’s fashion brand

    Tesa Córdoba offers a new line of contemporary couture fashion with special attention for the production processes and high quality fabrics, concerned with the actual environment. Focused on exclusivity the fashion brand hired Masquespacio’s services with the aim to develop their brand image addressed to a global woman conscious of...
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  • One year New Letters Type Foundry

    One Year New Letters Type Foundry. NEW LETTERS is a typography and design Studio founded by Armin Brenner and Markus John, focusing on typography and graphic design, all in the intersection of cultural and commercial projects. We engage in projects within the fields of culture, art and fashion – As...
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  • Sasha Favorov

    Nice and crisp images from Sasha Favorov. Lots of color and lighting, staged and very crisp. Check out his Tumblr for more.

  • The Exercises

    The Exercises is an Amsterdam based graphic design studio working in the field of identity and print design. Their work ranges from exhibition design to name cards and everything else print related. Often colourful and balanced, have a look at their portfolio for more projects.

  • Harry Bertoia

    Time for a classic. Painter, sculptor and designer Harry Bertoia is probably most famous for his Diamond chair. In the 1950s when most chairs were made of rigid wood, the Bertoia line of furniture – with welded wire and a springy feel – were totally innovative. Knoll International produced the...
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  • Jonas Lindstroem

    Jonas Lindstroem is a photographer and director working between Berlin and London. He studied at University of the Arts Berlin and London College of Communication, graduating 2014 in Berlin. He has worked for an impressive list of clients and has done some amazing work over the past few years. Definitely worth to have a look...
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  • Nico Krijno

    With a background in theatre and experimental video, South African artist Nico Krijno switched camps to the field of visual arts around 2008. His performance-based photographic practice is realised in a variety of media, from sculpture, participatory installation and video. I am deeply fascinated by the tension I sense beneath...
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