A code decoded – Scott Langer

A very interesting booklet with custom typeface by Scott Langer.

Telegraphy, as the first true global network, permitted applications such as message routing, social networks (between Morse operators — with gossip and even marriages among operators via telegraph being observed), instant messaging, cryptography and text coding, abbreviated language slang, network security experts, hackers, wire fraud, mailing lists, spamming, e-commerce, stock exchange minute-by-minute reports via ticker tape machines, and many others. The parallels between the first global network are abundant.

This booklet and typeface examine the relationship between the telegraphic network and the internet. Scott Langer was interested in looking at how problems were solved in the telegraphic network and how those solutions could relate to the internet.

This resulted in developing a typeface that restored internet privacy through the use of a cryptographic code.

The code is interspersed with the story of the telegraph and the victorian internet. As the story progresses parts of the typography are replaced with the code and by the end it is entirely in the code typeface, forcing the viewer to learn the code to understand the text.

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