The third issue of ruiné examines how architecture and the new digitality reflect and correspond to the self-alienation of man. on 104 full color pages, the ruinéboys benedikt fischer and neven allgeier along with many other artists show their view on our environment and the digital future of our world. among the contributors, swiss artist beni bischof shows digitally manipulated images of buildings and sculptures, depriving them of their immanent purpose and questioning the worth of human accomplishments. chicago-based artist bea fremderman, curator of the city’s kunsthalle new, and canadian award-winner geoffrey-pugen also deal with the influence of virutal worlds to our lives and minds. thomas mueller, computer prophet of the new millenium, supportingly describes the development towards technological singularity, while different artists attach their views and visions to the ruiné cosmos by contributing artworks to accompany the infamous ruiné messages further exploring the thematic triangle. cast into a radically reduced form, ruiné 3 itself appears as a cohesive piece of art, providing visionary approach to the world and the life of tomorrow.