• Nicole Wermers

    Nicole Wermers isolates the sources of visual fascination in the surfaces of modern design and architecture. Dissociated from their primary context of use and consumption, these visual aspects are presented as source of fascination and purpose-free desire. As their original function, however, is still tangible as a more or less...
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  • Raf Vancampenhoudt

    Just discovered Raf Vancampenhoudt, he is a Belgian graphic designer with a contemporary approach to graphic design. His work mainly consist of poster and book design for cultural events, lots more on his website.

  • Feathered work by Kate MccGwire

    Great feathered Artwork by Londen based Artist Kate MccGwire. The Artist’s statemet: “I gather, collate, re-use, layer, peel, burn, reveal, locate question, duplicate, play and photograph” Kate MccGwire’s practice probes the beauty inherent in duality, exploring the play of opposites – at an aesthetic, intellectual and visceral level – that...
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  • New Graphic – #18 WORKSHOP ISSUE

    This issue brings together 16 workshops on graphic design. It revisits these workshops which have been held around the world for the last two years, and provides the details and energies of such graphic design education that takes place outside the regular curriculum. More info on the website.

  • Aurélien Arbet – Jérémie Egry

    Aurélien Arbet and Jérémie Egry, 2 French artists with some nice projects. There website is difficult to find, and it seems like they have multiple. For some really nice and fresh work be sure to check it out.

  • DMY-Berlin – impression

    The past week (-weekend) DMY-Berlin took place in the Tempelhof airport. Next to Milan designweek the biggest design festival of Europe. We saw a lot of know faces and some new ones. For an entrance of 12 euro (8 euro for students) definitely worth it’s money. Our favorites and some...
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  • A code decoded – Scott Langer

    A very interesting booklet with custom typeface by Scott Langer. Telegraphy, as the first true global network, permitted applications such as message routing, social networks (between Morse operators — with gossip and even marriages among operators via telegraph being observed), instant messaging, cryptography and text coding, abbreviated language slang, network...
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  • Qualité Graphique Garantie

    Qualité Graphique Garantie is a well designed blog, created by Benoît Bodhuin. The main topic: Quality graphic design. The blog works extremely well, simple and clear and best of all it loads fast! Be sure to check it!

  • Beta Tank – A Solo Exhibition

    Gestalten  presents a solo show by Berlin-based conceptual product design practice Beta Tank. Beta Tank creates design objects based upon cross-disciplinary research that insightfully explores new technologies and social phenomena—inspiring debate beyond aesthetics or function. This solo show features objects from Beta Tank’s “Taxing Art” and “Sensory Substitution” series. The Galila...
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  • The Milano thing

    The Milano thing is a small independent publication consisting of a selection of the Milan design week’s best projects.  It’s a 48 pages magazine translated both in italian and english which talks about the best design schools and the new trends, reflects on the revival of craftsmanship and the process of...
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  • Evol’s buildings

    Buildings is a street-art project by Evol. Even tough the project date’s from 2004 its the first time I’ve seen it. By using multiple stencils, Evol spreads buildings across the urban environment . Showing a miniature version of the spectators habitat. More pictures at read more.

  • The Grasshopper floor lamp

    The Swedish-American designer and architect Greta Magnusson Grossman (1906-1999) was one of the big innovators during the 40’s. I just came across “The Grasshopper floor lamp” which she first produced in 1947 for the Ralph O Smith lighting company. A bended steel pipe forms the base while a curved sheet...
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  • Ommu

    A book distribution agency based in Athens. Looks like they sell and distribute a lot of nice stuff! OMMU is a distribution service based in Athens, Greece. We are dedicated to circulating and promoting books, zines and periodicals oriented towards art, design, architecture and fashion from all over the world,...
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  • Nicolai Howalt

    3 x 1, a series of photo’s by Danish photographer Nicolai Howalt. It’s not one of his most recent projects but for sure not one to be forgotten. Some of my favorites of the series (3 x 1) at read more.  

  • Bracketlight by Thingking

    Even tough there are thousands of these clamp based lamps in garage’s and car shops all over the globe, not many of them are as simple and straight forward as this one. Thingking, a young Cape town based office has left room for personal customization of the lamp. On a...
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  • This is display

    Display is a curated collection of important modern, mid 20th century graphic design books, periodicals, advertisements and ephemera. Documenting, preserving and providing public access to these original materials will raise the profile of Graphic Design as a source of educational, historical and scholarly analysis for teachers, students, designers and independent...
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  • Interview – Ecogex/delectable

    A couple of months back I’ve discovered Delectable, a website managed by two French graphic designers, Nathaniel Hubert and Malik Diouri, who call themselves Ecogex. They store and archive beautiful and alternative websites. After searching around a bit for more information about this great initiative, and finding nothing, I asked them for...
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  • TYPO Berlin

    Typo Berlin has started yesterday. This four day conference is considered the biggest design lecture series in europe. It takes place from May 19-21, 2011 at the House of World Cultures, Berlin.

  • Void()

    Void() is a really nice tumblr with just images and links managed by  UK based graphic design office Qubik.

  • Amsterdam Art book fair

    Some time ago we announced the Amsterdam Art book fair. Today manystuff posted some images of the event, right here.

  • Zimoun – sound sculptures

    Wonderful project by Zimoun. Some info from their about page, images and a movie at Read more. «The sound sculptures and installations of Zimoun are graceful, mechanized works of playful poetry, their structural simplicity opens like an industrial bloom to reveal a complex and intricate series of relationships, an ongoing...
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  • Acciaio Series by Max Lipsey

    A series of three lightweight steel chairs inspired by the bicycle. American designer Max Lipsey presented this project in the Rossignoli Bicycle shop (Corso Garibladi 71, Milan) during the Salone Furniture Fair. The Acciaio Series (“acciaio” is Italian for “steel”) of three lightweight chairs is inspired by the classic racing bicycle. The chairs...
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  • Cash for trash

    Cash for trash is a stylish design and vintage market. It is a place to discover young and inventive designers, where second-hand trophies will be sold, there while excellent sound amuses you trying on fashionable clothes and drink your coffee at leisure. With Cash For Trash, a market place has been created where way-out...
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  • The animated gif competiton

    Crap is good is organizing a competition + exhibition! Inspired by the idea of the infinite loop of an animated gif. We aim to collect as many GIF’s as possible, all circles, and put them online as well as in a series of exhibitions. To make these exhibitions possible we...
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